What are the documents required for MSME Online Registration?

No document required for MSME Registration / SSI Registration. Only information provided in Online Application Form is enough.

Who can Apply for MSME Registration?

Any entrepreneur having valid Aadhaar Number can apply for MSME Registration Online.

Is Physical copy of Certificate will be issued?

In the interest of environment no physical copy of MSME Certificate will be issued. Government believes in paperless work.

When MSME Registration Certificate will be issued?

After filing online msme application form, MSME Registration Certificate will be issued immediately at email.

Is Aadhaar Number mandatory for MSME Registration?

At present Aadhaar Number is mandatory for issuance of MSME Certificate

Collateral free Loan from Banks

The Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGS) was launched by the Government of India to make available collateral-free credit to the micro and small enterprise sector. Both the existing and the new enterprises are eligible to be covered under the scheme. The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India and Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), established a Trust named Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE) to implement the Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises

Reservation policies to manufacturing / production sector

Reservation of items for exclusive manufacture in SSI sector statutorily provided for in the Industries (Development and Regulation) Act, 1951, has been one of the important policy measures for promoting this sector.

The Reservation Policy has two objectives

Ensure increased production of consumer goods in the small scale sector
Expand employment opportunities through setting up of small scale industries

Reduction in rate of interest from banks

The rate of Interest for enterprise that has MSME registration are lower as compare to other enterprises. Certain targets are set for banks’ lending to the Micro and Small Enterprises. The banks’ have to achieve a 20% growth in credit to micro and small enterprises and 10% annual growth in the number of micro enterprises accounts and 60% of total lending to Micro and Small Enterprises sector. The banks have to follow the following:

1. 40% of the total advances must go to micro and small enterprises involved in manufacturing having investment in plant and machinery up to Rs.10 lakh and for service enterprises having investment in equipment up to Rs.4 lakh.

2. 20% of the total advance to micro and small enterprises should go to manufacturing enterprises that have above Rs.10 lakh till Rs.25 lakh investment in the plant and machinery and for service enterprises that have investments in equipment above Rs.4
3. To simplify, 60% of the advances must go to micro enterprises.

Eligible for IPS Subsidy

Enterprises that have MSME Registration are eligible for Industrial Promotion Subsidy (IPS) as mentioned in the scheme

Waiver in security deposit in Government

The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises gives following benefits to enterprises that has MSME Registration while making application for Government Tenders:

1. Issue of tender sets free of cost

2. Exemption from payment of Earnest Money

3. Waiver of Security Deposit upto the Monetary Limit for which at the unit is registered